In Focus: Sitecore’s Maturity Assessment Test

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Web content is crucial to all businesses as it helps engage prospects and turns them into customers. Hence, it should be managed well through a web content management solution. With web content management, targeted online content is created and delivered to improve customer experience and engagement. It makes web content more personalized to acquire significant information from site visitors.

Many companies nowadays invest in web content management solutions because of their many advantages. For one, it allows multiple users to save time and improve efficiency. There are publishing permissions so only the people allowed by the management can publish online content. It is also easy to make design changes since the virtual boxes for design and content are separated. Moreover, outdated content can easily be removed as links and menus update automatically. Web content management is so advantageous that it even helps improve site maintenance when there are changes to be made.

Today, there are lots of companies offering web content management services to help improve businesses. One of them is Sitecore.

Sitecore and the Importance of Website Maturity

Sitecore is a company focusing on customer experience management. They provide web content management solutions to help businesses improve their web content and further engage more customers. It was founded in 2001 in Denmark and is now one of the most trusted and reliable companies when it comes to web content management.

Like most software companies, Sitecore also believes in the importance of website maturity. Basically, website maturity involves aspects that provide benefits for website visitors. A website has matured when it has provided a consistent structure for its content, integrating all its elements with the company’s objectives, and has mechanisms that improve performance continually. Websites need to be mature to meet the expectations of visitors and show them that a company is good at what it does. Because it provides relevant services and responds to their concerns,  they don’t need to jump into another website. On the one hand, if a website is not mature, visitors will not be engaged as they will feel like something is missing; hence they will look for it on other websites.

Sitecore’s Maturity Test and Its Advantages

Essentially, the maturity of a website should be assessed to understand where and how it stands when it comes to visibility and efficiency. Sitecore’s maturity test is often used by various companies to determine the level of their website’s maturity. It helps assess website maturity through seven stages: initiate, radiate, align, optimize, nurture, engage and lifetime customers.

Initiate means laying the foundation, such as the structure of a basic website, the data analytics, and email capabilities to reach the users regularly.

Radiate entails incorporation of other channels beyond the email blast to expand the market share and draw in more users.

Align is to make the digital strategy and business objectives complement and support each other.

Optimize is a mature stage that measures customer engagement by determining his reaction to the content. Monitoring is continual and gathering of customer-related intelligence influences the production of content to make it more relevant and appealing to the market.

Nurture is attracting the solid base of customers into the other channels where they can be persuaded to make an actual purchase.

Engage is forming a solid, clear profile of the customer by consolidating all the data gathered from him both online and offline.

Finally, Lifetime Customers actively uses all the learning, intelligence, and data gathered to predict the movement and choices of the customer. Customer intelligence becomes integral to boost business competitiveness.

Sitecore’s maturity test has helped a lot of companies over the years and has given them accurate results that they need to improve their websites and determine their business capabilities. It will not only help businesses assess website maturity but it will also assist in providing better customer service and customer experience.