How Web Content Management Can Capture Your Mobile Audience

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Traditional marketing isn’t going to transform your business. As digital content becomes increasingly important, tapping your mobile audience has become more crucial than ever. With this in mind, one of the most overlooked heroes in this technology-driven society is Web Content Management (WCM).

Since it was first introduced years earlier, WCM has quickly transformed itself into a central tool for creation and data management. It is a software system that enables administrators to produce and manage digital content as well as establish meaningful engagement with its customers.

According to Brian Solis, the proliferation of mobile connectivity has given birth to a completely new breed of customers – clients who move quickly, demand instant services,  and operate with high expectations. Mobile has enabled business to tap beyond geographical barriers but this community remains elusive to many.

Web Content Management: Tapping the Mobile Audience

It is expected that by the end of this year, a third of the world’s population will have their own smartphones. This equates to approximately 2.6 billion people across the globe.

As per 2016 statistics provided by Budde, in 2017 we will see the continuous climb of the mobile market. Studies reveal that data mining will quickly become the next driver in mobile revenue. It is expected that mobile will overtake desktop use and media along with an increase in mobile advertising.

research by eMarketer in 2015 adds that more money is now being spent on mobile ads. In 2015 alone, mobile ad spending accounted for 49 percent of digital ad spending. As businesses focus more on the mobile community, you need to have the systems in place that will gather information about your customer and keep them on your digital platforms longer.

Your business’ development hinges on the responsiveness of your digital platform. By utilizing web management content systems, you have at your fingertips a full spectrum of digital options that can make useful data available to you in real-time.

Below are some of the benefits of using web content management tools:

1. Templates: There are available page design templates for IT personnel which eliminate the need for individual web page coding.

2. Custom Searches: Companies can personalize content and search engine optimization that aids in site navigation as well as the delivery of content. Customers can quickly locate content with the use of intuitive navigation tools.

3. Simplification: Tools that perform critical documentation functions allow efficient monitoring like the creation of audit trails.

4. Personalized Content: Brands can tailor cross-channel marketing experiences that address individual, unique preferences. These include next-best offer suggestions, banner ads, and recommended posts.

  1. With a web content management tool, you can treat handheld devices as a primary channel in creating a differentiator between you and the competition while improving customer satisfaction. At the end of the day, mobile technology is all about ease of customer use, engagement, flexibility, content visibility, and overall productivity.

    Through WCM, a smartphone user can search content on your website. He can share it through social media or send it to his friends through email. He can comment on and reply to it. He can even download your e-books, join your promos, and purchase a product on your website. The WCM can make all this happen without requiring him to make a stop at his desktop.

    Mobile has changed the way we do business. This system can tap business applications to produce insights for optimal decision making and result delivery. Web content management tools can bring your best marketing efforts to a very mobile audience, and continue to engage them regardless of location or the kind of device they are using.